Praise for Paul Halpern’s Books:

Einstein’s Dice and Schrödinger’s Cat:

  • With verve, Halpern explores the fragile nature of scientific collaboration… Halpern ably explores the clashing personalities and worldviews that had physics in churning ferment during the early part of the 20th century.
    —Kirkus Reviews
  • This is history of science writing at its best—effortless prose, juicy details and a fascinating narrative that casts familiar territory in a whole new light. The friendship and betrayal between Einstein and Schrödinger is a little known story, and Halpern brings it to life with a historian’s care, a physicist’s knowledge, and a writer’s charm. The book provides a poignant look at how philosophy drives scientific progress and is an important critique of how the media shapes and distorts it.
    —Amanda Gefter, author of Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn
  • Paul Halpern has written a fascinating account of two of the giants of 20th century physics. Both Nobel Prize winners, Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrödinger, friends and at times fractious competitors, struggled to come to terms with the uncertainty and randomness expressed by quantum mechanics. In Einstein’s Dice and Schrödinger’s Cat, the author gives great insight into the philosophies and personal ambition that brought the two brilliant men together and then sadly drove them apart. As a fan of popular science books and someone who has used phrases such as ‘God does not play dice’ and ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’ in my songs, I found Paul Halpern’s book illuminating and entertaining.
    —Roland Orzabal, co-founding member of Tears for Fears
  • With his trademark grace and clarity, Paul Halpern shines new light on the personalities, lives, and achievements of two of the twentieth century’s greatest theoretical physicists, at the same time illuminating the fascinating interactions between the two. Halpern has a rare talent for bringing both the physics and the human stories to life.
    —Kenneth Ford, former Director of the American Institute of Physics and author of The Quantum World
  • We have seen books that celebrate Einstein and Schrödinger as two of the greatest scientists of all time. With clarity and diligence, Halpern does something different: he explores how intellectual curiosity and vanity get enmeshed with power struggles and the media to bring out the worst in good-willing people, especially when the stakes are as high as the creation of a God-like ‘theory of everything.
    —Marcelo Gleiser, author of The Island of Knowledge
  • Writing with verve and insight, Paul Halpern tells a striking cautionary tale about friendship, vanity, and the quest to make a great discovery. He gives an exceptionally lucid and engaging account of modern physics, embedded in a rich human tapestry centered on Einstein, Schrödinger, and their friends.
    —Peter Pesic, author of Music and the Making of Modern Science and Director of the Science Institute at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM
  • Einstein’s Dice and Schrödinger’s Cat is a fascinating, well-written account of how these two men struggled with one of the most puzzling features of quantum mechanics: the appearance of randomness in nature. Both general and specialist readers will find it of interest.
    —David C. Cassidy, Professor of Chemistry at Hofstra University and author of Beyond Uncertainty: Heisenberg, Quantum Physics, and the Bomb

Edge of the Universe:

  • A fantastic romp along the frontiers of modern cosmology – and beyond. Halpern makes us wonder about our place in the vast universe, both in space and time, and marvel at the mystery of dark matter, dark energy, extra dimensions, parallel universes, and so much more.
    —Cliff Pickover, author of The Physics Book: From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection
  • In this lively, fast-paced and authoritative book, Paul Halpern takes us not only to the edge of the universe but to the edge of our knowledge of the universe.

    —Marcus Chown, author of Solar System: A Visual Exploration of All the Planets, Moons and Other Heavenly Bodies that Orbit Our Sun
  • A delightful introduction to all the major topics in modern cosmology. In user-friendly language, Halpern manages to describe the ins and outs of this complex subject, from the well-established to the highly speculative. This is truly a remarkable accomplishment.
    —Gino Segre, author of Faust in Copenhagen: A Struggle for the Soul of Physics
  • Cosmology today is more exciting than it has ever been in its 2500-year history. In this lively book, Halpern explains why and leaves us desperate to see what surprises the universe has in store..
    —Graham Farmelo, author of The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the Atom
  • Edge of the Universe is a breezy romp through the universe as we know it.  Paul Halpern covers all of the big topics in cosmology with a crisp and engaging tone, at a level that even a novice can follow, and pairs it with pop cultural references and very engaging scientific history. He gives a grand view of not only what we know, but also what we don’t entirely understand from inflation and the edge of the Universe to the “Axis of Evil” in the cosmic microwave background and the dark flow of galaxies.
    —Dave Goldberg, contributor and author of A User’s Guide to the Universe